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Influencer Agency

IMA helps brands engage and activate audiences worldwide through top influencers, such as bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers. Fuse Marketing is a full-service digital ad agency focused on the younger generation, including Generation Z and millennials. For over 20 years, they have delivered content campaigns, consumer insights, social media campaigns, and smart influencer partnerships that help grow brands in the extreme sports and lifestyle market segment. Previous partners include Mountain Dew, HTC, UFC, Starbucks, and more.

Many businesses around the world are seeking the services an <a href="">Influencer Agency</a> to help them with their outreach. Influencer Identification and Selection, Campaign Creation and Execution, Influencer Outreach, and Performance Tracking are just some of the services selected. These agencies work with influencers on Facebook, Instagram, and Blogger.

Influencer marketing platforms require a much higher level of brand involvement than agencies. Platforms provide tools and software needed to plan, launch, and manage campaigns and deliver measurable results. But the tasks themselves still need to be done by the brand's in-house marketing teams.

Earlier this year, on the marketing website Digiday, an anonymous social media executive ranted that marketers were essentially throwing money away on influencers, whom the ranter characterized as talentless. That made me curious, and I started asking around to understand just how hard this job really is. Some swore the work is difficult. If it was so easy to be an influencer, then every single person on earth would do it,” said Gary Vaynerchuk, who parlayed a YouTube channel into an ad agency, VaynerMedia, that specializes in social media marketing and now employs about 750 people. But another influencer guru, Daniel Saynt of the agency Socialyte, disputed that. With the right guidance, he said, almost anyone could Instagram professionally. To prove it, he made me an offer: He'd help me become an influencer myself.

One of their clients is Blue Apron. They created a year-long campaign, using top social media influencers, to showcase Blue Apron's food subscription service. Food can be mouthwateringly visual, and therefore Instagram is the perfect channel for a food-based social media campaign. Matt Salzberg, CEO of Blue Apron explains, Customers hear about us from other customers or from social media. One of their friends who cooked a Blue Apron meal shares it on Facebook or Instagram because they are really proud of what they've created. Then others go to our website and sign up”.

5. Professionalism and accountability. Running larger influencer marketing campaigns requires a higher degree of thoughtful planning. Working with the top celebrities necessitates an entire community of stakeholders - for both the brand and the influencer - to work in concert and ensure success. Celebrity influencers have already built this ecosystem of personnel (lawyers, managers and agents) to create a more seamless partnership that works for brands, the influencer and their collective audiences.

Silkworm Social is an influencer talent agency, and provides opportunities for brands and influencers to come together and generate authentic, engaging content that's specially engineered for organic shares, increased traffic, and higher conversions. The results-oriented team at Silkworm Social is dedicated to serving both influencers and companies by creating brilliant partnerships that are beneficial to both parties.

Early this year, social media startup Nestivity commissioned Evolve! to launch community engagement software tools for Twitter. At that time, Nestivity had no marketing presence and zero brand awareness. In the first three months, Evolve! enlisted dozens of social media influencers who helped drive more than 3,000 signups before the Beta was launched. Evolve! also developed a high profile PR and social platform for Nestivity to host discussions about best practices and ROI of building community on Twitter with some of the largest, most engaged brands on Twitter. Outcomes to date: Evolve! has helped Nestivity build genuine brand awareness, generate hundreds of sales leads and build relationships with some of the world's largest, most engaged agencies, brands and influencers on Twitter.

Scrunch is an end-to-end influencer marketing tool, focused on providing an all-in-one package to marketers that combines a search engine, campaign management software, and influencer CRM tools. Scrunch also features optional managed content services - you can partner with Scrunch agency services to conduct your marketing strategy, in case you need to automate your influencer marketing campaign, or need additional assistance.

Even if you're a small company that does constant influencer marketing it might make sense to hire someone in-house to manage your influencer outreach, management, and execution. If you're going to be working with a lot of influencers there are software solutions that make the monitoring and tracking of these campaigns a lot easier so you don't have to custom build your own software.

We're an influencer marketing agency helping brands gain additional exposure through the use of social media influencers, high profile bloggers and media outlets. We find, manage and work with influencers to create marketing campaigns that share your brand's story with their audience, which gives you exposure to thousands of new customers.

The company was founded by Olivier Billon in 2008 and claims to be the first influencer marketing agency. The Y” in the company's name represents Generation Y, who were the young adults finding a love of fashion, luxury, and beauty at the time Ykone was created.

Your number one goal is to find the right influencer agency that works for you. When in doubt, ask for more information. After all, you are allocating budgets into a channel that has the potential to generate conversions. You want to make sure that the influencers promoting your product will benefit your company and provide tasteful, enjoyable content for your consumers. Social media marketing is an effective strategy, but saturating the consumers' feed with bad ad-like content will just push your market out of reach all over again. Finding an excellent influencer agency will prevent this scenario from happening.

With all of the positive progress made in 2016 within the industry, I know 2017 will be a revolutionary year for advertisers. Advertisers now understand that continual brand mentions, endorsements and sponsored conversations by authentic people living authentic lifestyles that the brand can stand behind to be their social voice is the future.


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